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Muhammad Sadiq  is  a   born   humanist . He  is  civilized   by  the teaching of  classical  saints and

 Islamic Philosopher and   oriental poets. He  is   brought up  intellectually  by traveling  the  world 

 and  meditating   the universe. He has offered a spectrum of human philosophy, like a panoramic

 album of modern and pure thought. deep and densed, high  and climax, a vast description well

-thought is well-done in mere words. His words seem unfolding, dancing, speaking and guiding, and

 feasting to all good minds having windows for fresh divine air. Muhammad Sadiq  is Sufi  and suffix

 to BABA SYED WARIS SHAH. For all  aesthetic readers,  who are desirous  to read and  recite  HEER

 WARIS SHAH, to enjoy to reads Sadiq's quotations as a precise preface of BABA WARIS'S  teachings.

 Muhammad Sadiq is fine, fertile, fantastic and friendly.



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